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Spybubble Reviews and Download

Spybubble Reviews

In this Spybubble reviews I will show you why Spybubble is one of my most recommended software for finding the truth if your husband is cheating.

SpyBubble is an advanced Mobile tracking application compatible with most smart phones like iPhone, iPad, Symbian and Android tablets.

SpyBubble reviews amazing features:

Call Monitoring - These are the things you could do using this feature

a. Record Phone Calls - It allows you to record the live phone call conversation and access it in the server using your user name and password. Once you login you can listen to conversation word for word.

b. Call logging - This feature allows you to monitor each and every cell phone numbers dialed in and dialed out of the phone. You will know the time and and date the calls were made as well.

c. Live phone call conversation listening - Using the PRO version, you can can listen live to ongoing phone call. You could patch in and listen every words said during the live cellphone call.

SMS Monitoring - These are things you could do with SMS.

Read send and received SMS - with this feature you could read all the messages coming in and out of the cell phone. Even if the SMS were deleted intentionally you will a backup copy of it in your user server.

Redirect SMS - This feature will be very useful if for some reasons the internet malfunction in the target phone. Enable it and you will receive all the messages using SMS.

Location Tracking - Ever wonder where your husband is? or where your spouse is during office hours? Then this could be handy for you.

a. Find out the exact location - This works best if you want to find out if your husband is really at the gym and not on his lover place.

b. Find out the GPS route - Using this software you will know why your husband is late every night in your home.

Read Emails - One great way to hide your husband significant other is through emails. They could exchange their intimate message using free email like Gmail and Yahoo. This software will allows you to recover every mails of the phone under radar.

Monitor Instant Messenger - Most of the time your husband might use instant messenger to reach out to his lover. These are instant messengers you can monitor.
a. WhatsApp
b. iMessage
c. BBM

Access to Pictures - It will upload all the pictures to a remote server where you could access.

Record browser history - Eager to know which website your husband access. You will know using this feature.

Phone Book Access and Calendar Schedules
a. Phonebook - If you suspect that your husband has a new contacts which is suspicious to you this is a great way to know the names and cellphone numbers stored on their cellphone.
b. Appointment calendar - allows you to know the plan of your husband by checking the plan/date your husband is doing in the future.

Bugging Tool
a. Record Mobile Surroundings - You could turn your husband cellphone into a bugging device. You could record the phone surroundings by a simple SMS command.
b. Listen to Phone surroundings - You could enable the microphone from a distant and listen to live conversation/surroundings of your husband phone. This is great if you suspect your husband and his lover is inside their room.

Remotely control Your Husband Cell Phone
-Once the software is installed you can do everything on the phone even if you have no physical access on it.


"After being married for a few months, my new wife started to take all sorts of classes: yoga, pilates, literature, you name it. I started to suspect her faithfulness when classes started to have no pattern and happened at very odd hours, like one class at 9 AM one day and at 8 PM the next. I finally decided to get SpyBubble and find the truth behind these classes. It turned out that my wife had a lover. I debated whether to forgive her or get a divorce. In the end, I decided I didn't need someone who clearly doesn't respect me in my life." "
--James Miller 

Spybubble Download

Installation instructions
Std - Tutorial
Pro - Tutorial
Learn more...

Installation instructions
Std - Tutorial
Pro - Tutorial
Learn more...

Installation instructions
Std - Tutorial
Pro - Tutorial
Learn more...

Installation instructions
Std - Tutorial
Pro - Tutorial
Learn more...

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