Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cheating Husband iPhone App - How to set it up just like a trap?

Cheating Husband iPhone App

Just like any "catch me if you can game", you need to setup cheating husband iphone app to make it work. In this technique it's not too technical to do it.

My wife never catched me red handed and on the act. Maybe I'm very careful in what I'm doing. She never saw the woman I'm with during the nights that I didn't went home. She never knew the exact place and time me and my lover meet and see.

But how did she learned my infidelity? As I've said in my previous post, she discover it using her gut feeling. When the time she found it, She's so furious that she confronted me all of sudden. I felt like I'm in trapped and there's no other way but to confess my sin.

But what if your husband didn't admit the truth? She never saw what I did. She never saw the girl I'm with. I could easily deny everything she said and play the "catch me if you can" game.

Remember the saying "When the mouse is out the rat will play" I could not remember that exact saying, but what I'm trying to say is to setup a trap for him.

You could say you'll be gone for two days because you will need to visit a long time friend in high school. In this way your husband will have more plenty of time and room for mistakes.

During those two days he will be more easy and carefree in using his cell phones for connecting to the third party. He will act like no one is watching him. He will do his normal activities like dating and going out with his lover.

On the other end you have successfully setup the perfect plan. You have setup the perfect trap for him to use his cell phone more often and see every activities his doing during those two days.

What you will gather using app for catching your cheating husband on iphone?

SMS - First you will have copy of all the text messages that is coming in and out of your husband iphone. What's is great with the software is you could see and read even if he intentionally deleted the SMS to hide his infidelity.

Listen to call conversation - Whenver your husband make a phone a call you can patch in yourself easily and hear every words just like and third party phone. You can catch him red handed and hear the voice of the other woman.

Find their meeting place - This is sweet if you want them to catch red handed, my wife never knew my hangout but using the iphone cheating husband application you can. This could be possible by combining the GPS technology embed on the phone you can track in real time every moves the phone goes.

What I've mention are just part of so many features that you can take advantage and use while you are away. Your husband thought that you are from a distant place but not you are in a place where you can watch him closely.

Using your access account in the members area you can login using your username , password and retrieved any information you need from his cellphone. In those short span of two days you will have the evidence you need before you confront him or you can now shed some light if you husband is really cheating on you.

You could try it for free in 30 days money back guarantee.  Click here.

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