Thursday, January 2, 2014

Using Stealthy Cheating Husband Android App To Catch Cheating Spouse

Cheating Husband Android App

cheating husband android software
My wife never thought that I would ever cheat on her, but she noticed my change in behavior. Could cheating husband android app help her catch me red handed?

During those months of cheating my wife was so dearly fall in love me. We're expecting our first baby and it's not in my plan to have a second family but it happened.

I met this girl in a wine bar. She gave me her cell phone number and we meet regularly until it became an intimate relationship between the two of us.

I had a plan for her that she would have her own business and never go back to the wine bar again. Little by little we put a small repair shop for her. We bought tools and equipment and rent a small space for her but the problem was she has no technician.

Day by day my time for wife was almost lost. I spend most of my time to my lover and I didn't realize that I'm building a new family and destroying my real family.

Do you noticed that your husband is spending more time away from you? Did he do it regularly or there's something happened that you didn't know that might change his time schedules?

Application for catching your cheating husband on android will help reveal the truth

If you notice that your husband is lying to you, there's an easy way to verify your suspicion. Using an specialized software will tell you if your gut feeling is telling something's wrong.

The android application for cheating husband lets you monitor your husband android phone so easily and stealthy that he wouldn't know he's under radar.

Some of the features you can use are:

Location tracking - Remember most of the times I was in my lovers place? You too can use this software to verify your husband exact location. If he said that he is going to the gym allow him and see through the software if he is really in the gym. If he's not then you can follow his location wherever he maybe.

Picture tracking - My was so eager to see my lovers face but using this software you can check the photos that was recorded and taken by the phone and see if there's any suspicious picture that might be the face of his lover.

Email tracking - If you think that your husband is secretly using his email to send and received intimate message from his lover don't worry. Cheating husband android software have this feature too where you could monitor the emails that is going in and out of the phone. In this way you will have the capability to read every emails.

I've only discussed some of the features, there are more advance feature that you could use to help you reveal the truth or it is just you are being so suspicious.

To get started you could go here.

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