Sunday, October 18, 2015

How to uncover the websites visited by your spouse through private browsing

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This is going to be a short blog.  Lately one of our readers ask me how they could find the sites visited by their spouse browsing privately online.

As we all know when you use the incognito browser in Firefox and Chrome as well there is no possibility that you will know what they are doing online.  If you suspect that your partner is cheating online then this technique can help find out where your husband hangout on the internet.

There are two videos below that you can follow.  One is for people using Windows operating system and familiar with cmd command.  The second video is for Windows and Linux users.  It is a no brainier solution because all you need to do is to run .bat command.

Windows System using CMD command

Using .bat file

What if he already deleted his browsing history?

No worries the same command above will do the trick.  It would be very impossible to cover the track using the cmd command.

Cool! Now there no way your spouse can hide from you using using private browsing.

What if there's an easy way for  you to check on your spouse without you lifting a finger 24/7?

I know it's hard to uncover the truth and get the evidence you need but using an easy to use software it will be a breeze for you to finish all the things you need to do for the whole day.

I hope you get the truth you are looking for.


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