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Step By Step Guide to Catch Cheating Spouse

Hi! First of all I want to congratulate you for taking action and at least doing something to change your current situations now.

In my first previous newsletter I sent you valuable information that you can follow to catch your cheating spouse in no time. I hope you get the evidence you need.

In addition; the reason why you are here is because you want to know if your partner is cheating.  Is that correct?

Cheating is like rust that when you take it for granted, it would destroy the whole metal; in real life it is your partner; your family and your love ones. In short it will destroy your “relationships” to the most important people in your life.

I know what is it like when you wake up in the morning thinking where’s your husband went, what is he doing or Is he with his lover.

I was a cheating husband and I know the heartaches I gave to my wife when she feels that I’m no more warm and loving her.

She would scratch her head asking herself “where is my husband?” or “Why he is not yet at home?” Where in fact it is already dawn and it is almost a day she didn’t see or hear from me.  Does it sounds familiar to you?

In the morning she would shout to the roof asking me where I went last night (well you know it, I was with my lover) and she doesn’t have a single clue what is going on.

Get the proof and move on in your life

What if there’s a guide that is guaranteed to teach you how to catch your cheating spouse and once and for all expose the truth to solve the real problem in your relationship.

Catch a cheat EBook by Edward Talurday a private investigator is a proven step by guide that can teach you how to catch your cheating spouse. I will not mention here one by one how it can help as it would occupy the whole space in this blog. Basically, it is like you will have a private detective mentor that will coach you every step of the way for you to uncover the truth. You can learn more about it here.

What I will show you here is what you will get when you find out the truth:

a. Peace of mind – There’s no amount of money can equal to the peace of mind you will have.  Do you agree with that?  Once you know the truth if for instance you are just being suspicious, wouldn’t be great to wake up the next morning having a smile in your face thinking a brighter future for you, your kids and your spouse.

b. Fix the problem between you and your partner – Now that you have the evidence you need and you proved that he’s doing extra-curricular activities that can hurt your kids and your family, then it’s time now to do something to keep your marriage strong. Revive your connections and communications. In the end your kids and both of you will benefit if you manage to save your family. Keep your family strong with respect to one another. Give your husband or your wife a chance to change because everyone deserve a second chance right? Ask help from a marriage counselor if you can or get some moral support from your love ones.

c. Move on in your life – At some point you have given a chance for your spouse to change and he never did.  I believe it is time for you to be happy and give yourself a love and respect that you really deserve. You have the right to be happy and you can be happy even if without your spouse or partner in your life.

Circling around in life


What will happen if you didn’t act right now? You know the answer. You will move on and forget what you have read here.

a. The same as tomorrow you will keep on wondering who your partner’s with last night. Endless thinking that may lead to paranoia.

b. Your family is on the verge of divorce and sooner or later relationships will break apart.

c. No peace of mind but noise and quarrel will fill your house each and every day because of your suspicions.  Worst, it may come to physical abuse hurting each other.  This scenario happened to me, I keep on denying and my wife keeps on nagging me.  Result, physical and emotional abuse to one another will continue and will only stop until you solve your problem.

d. You will feel like you are attracting all the negative vibes and tragedy in your life.

e.  Your health is in danger because you can't sleep or eat and up to the point where you can't take care of yourself because of depression.

My gift to you

I want to help you and I want you to move forward in your life just like what my wife and I did in our life.

For limited copies only, I will give these bonuses for the first 20 people only. Right now I have 483 subscribers including you who wants to have these bonuses.



If you are single looking for a partner:

Alone no more – Reading this eBook will have tremendous benefits for you. It will teach you how to find the perfect partner for you and it will give you results how to be truly fulfilled within in your relationships.

How to make anyone fall in love with you within minutes – Having trouble communicating to people? This eBook will teach you the survival guide to make people like you even if you are scared of meeting new person.

How to cope after a broken relationship – Admit it or not, one of the hardest points in our life is breakup. This eBook will give you a proven step by step action plan how to move on in your life after a hard breakup.

After breakup – This eBook will teach you the art of having relationships. Once you read it you will have the right tool to surpass a breakup.

Get Your Ex Back In 7 Days – Do you believe that battle for your love is not yet over?  This video training can help you. This is a video series that will teach how to fix your relationship, tips on right and wrong ways to win your ex back and real life advice that will increase your chances of getting back together and many more...






If you are married civil/church wedding or living together:

Save Your Marriage – Let's say one day you wake up like there’s something wrong between the two of you. This eBook will teach you how to rekindle your relationship and turn negative tensions to good ones. This is a complete guide on how you will handle your married life.

Defeating Divorce – Get all the support and guidance you need when it comes to defeating divorce. Save your marriage with the right information here.

Divorce prevention rescue mission – Words are a powerful tool which can break or make a wonderful relationship right?  This book will teach you what to say and what not say, struggle between sexes and many more…

Revive your relationship – Have you and your spouse lost that connection? Do you feel like the two of you are riding a car in which there is no direction? Are you having problem connecting to your love ones like your child, son, brother or any member of your family? This book can help you with those situations.

100 Dating tips – When you feel like every day is a mundane task, why not learn another ways how you can make your spouse happy by dating. Even couples need to go out and date right? Make more happy memories with your spouse.

Modern Romance Audio Tracks – This is an audio track that will teach you perfect date ideas, keys for successful relationships, the importance of taking care of your spouse and many more…

Mindful Meditation – Do you want to have great health and a stress free life, but don’t know where to start? Discover the benefits of meditation in your life and in your married life as well. Chapter 8 is dedicated to improve your marriage using meditation.





For you who wants to move on another chapter in your life:


Surviving Divorce – You marry the love of your life not because in the end you will divorce him right? However; whatever you do, things don’t fall to places. You are unhappy with him and he’s also feeling the same way with you. If there’s no other way but to divorce, don’t neglect this eBook as it will teach you everything you need to know about divorce. You will learn about security, negotiations and a lot more.

How to win a child custody battle – If there’s anyone affected much of the divorce are your children. This is going to be your complete guide to win the custody of your kids.

These bonuses are for the first 20 people only. Act fast now as there are 483 subscribers including you who wants to get these bonuses as  well. I will deliver your bonus right after you have given the information after you purchased the guide below.

Information I need are:
Clickbank receipt #:

Note: as for status enter:

a.  Single - if you are just starting out on a boyfriend or girlfriend relationships.

b.  Married/Living together - if you have already a partner in your life.  Maybe civil/church wed or living together.

c.  Divorce - If you want to move on in your life and wants to care of yourself and your kids.

Mail this information to:

Please give me 24-48hrs to send you the bonus links.

Your Friend;
Edward Presto

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