Saturday, October 29, 2016

10 Ways To Tell If Your Spouse Is Lying

10 ways to tell if your spouse is lying

When your husband is cheating, lying is the most common get away to cover his infidelity.  It is hard to tell between the truth and the lies unless you take sometime to study or learn some basic rules in uncovering lies.

Check out these 10 tips that will help you find out if your spouse is lying or not.

  1. Non-Contrated Denial - Your husband is using formal language during conversations.  Normal conversations usually are contracted language.
  2. Grooming Gestures - He may unconsiously hold his nose or any part of his body when in the act of lying.
  3. Repeting your question - Your husband will repeat your questions to have some extra time to think about his alibi.
  4. Duping-Delight - This is a smile from your husband when he think that he had made you believed in his lies. 
  5. Eye Contact - If your husband is telling the truth he will have 60% of the time or sometimes more that than that looking at you during your conversations.
  6. Leaked Expression - Liar can't hide their true emotions.  You will see this when your husband nod but he is actually saying no.
  7. Voice - While the two of you are in a conversion you will notice that he changes his vocal tone.  Tones changes higher or lower pitch than his normal tone.
  8. Escape - You husband will always wanted to go out of the room to stop you from interrogating him or sometimes will put a thing between the two of you to avoid conversations.
  9. Story - Your husband will give too much details in his story and sometimes may even forget the sequence of it.
  10.  Honesty -  A true and honest husband will be very angry when you falsely accuse him of cheating.  Whereas a cheater will be the opposite one.


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