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Sneaky apps for cheaters how to reverse engineer them?

Apps For Cheaters

cheaters apps
Though it's shocking, there are apps for cheaters that's circulating around the web. The software is used to promote people to cheat on their spouse but don't worry.

In this post I will help you to get familiarize of these different cheaters software and learn how to expose them and reverse engineer it to expose the truth.

List of apps for catching cheaters

Most of the applications for cheaters allows you to cover up any trace of infidelity. Most of the time it hides every messages, pictures and videos.

Secret Pictures - What this application does is it locked your important pictures from your gallery and store it in a pin required folder.

Solution: This software is very easy to hack. All it takes is a file browser built inside phone program. The folder can be browse and pictures can be viewed and shared easily.

Photo Safe - This is another grand program that helps cheaters hide their wrong doings. This software promise that they will protect your privacy and no one will ever see your private data without your permission.

Solution: They think that they have successfully hide their footprints but they did not. What this software does it only move the pictures to a weak folder that can easily browse using a file browser. With a few commands you can see the images and instructs the phone that you are browsing photos to view them.

KeepSafe Vault - Just like the apps above what this cheating apps for android does is it move the pictures in a folder where you will have to access using a pin code.

Solution: As you can observe most of the program can be easily hack by simply using the phone browser built in the device. Most of the time pictures are moved to a weak folder and sometimes rename them to keep them prying eyes.

As for me I never used any apps for cheaters. I have never used any cheating spouse app to hide my infidelity to my wife. Most of the time what I did was I used another Sim card or sometimes I am not very careful in using my cell phone that's why my wife observed I'm doing something behind her back.

How my wife catch me and ways how you could implement it?

Phone book names and numbers - If you know who your husband friends names are for sure you will know every names stored on your husband cell phone. My wife used to see every phone book stored on my cell phone. Try to see every names and numbers and see if there's something that's you are not familiar or know from the list.

Another cell phone or SIM card - This is a great way to hide their relationship, my wife never notice that I'm cheating because I'm a mobile technician. If you husband is not a cell phone technician and he has a lot of spare phone then there's something about those cellphone that you must see.

Internet browsing history - If your husband has an scheduled business meeting in California but looking for a hotel in New York then your internet browser history could help you in this situation. You could even see if your husband is constantly visiting email sites where he could exchange steamy mails to his lover.

Call on your husband cellphone - Are there any mysterious calls to your husband phone in the middle of the night or day time? You could easily find out the owner of the land line by simply using the Google search.

I believe my wife used this techniques plus her gut feeling to corner me and press me to honestly accept my mistakes for cheating on her. If you have more suggestions about this article you can post a comment below.

You may share it as well, I will be grateful to you. Until my next post.

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  2. The app is great but I believe it will only promote infidelity between couples. But if it used as what if said in the site then it would be very helpful.


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