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20 Apps You Don’t Want Your Boyfriend to Have

Applications installed in someone’s device say a lot about the people who use them. People who read carry eBook readers along with them while those who are into photography have Instagram, photo editing tools and the likes. What sorts of installations are embedded in your man’s phone? Don’t you want to decode his behavior by delving into the functions of the apps he use? For sure, you want to unravel the secrets behind the reasons why he is too engrossed in his phone. In this article, we will teach you how to catch him red handed just by merely knowing the name of the software he uses.

Apps on your cheating boyfriend phone

Even if he shows you his screen, you will only see a program that looks like Facebook or Twitter. When you confront him, he will tell you that he is just trying a new application and he will think that he is already off the hook. Deep down your heart you know something is amiss. Save yourself from asking him all the time what that certain app is for because he might get irritated and sure enough, he will deny every allegation. With this guide, you no longer have to be an up-to-date techy to dig deeper into the apps installed in your man’s smartphone. You only need to remember these applications your boyfriend is not supposed to have.


1. Tinder – Have you ever noticed your boyfriend swiping his phone then hiding it the moment you ask? A swerve to the right if she’s cute, swipe to the left if you pass. Something smells fishy. Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications. Or maybe we should call it a “hook up” program that your guy likes to have. Men that are already in a relationship should not be sneaking around Tinder because it one of the fastest way around to get a hook up without breaking a sweat (and getting caught red handed).

tiger text

2. TigerText – This real-time messaging app is available on Android and iOS and is a perfect tool for cheaters because this let them send a message with a programmed deletion time so that the infidel can bury his tracks. TigerText also offer a sweet feature which is the ability to retract a message before and after it has been sent.

3. The Passion App – Are you guys getting along well in bed? If so, then he might be telling the whole world how good he is on bed. A smartphone with The Passion App installed tracks how long your love making lasted, the nature of activities you did and some other details. This is made possible by the iPhone’s microphone and accelerometer. There is also a scoring based on the activities you have performed and we thought you might want to know that perhaps your boyfriend is trying to reach the leaderboard on who is the best stud in the world.

4. OkCupid – People who are in search for Mr. or Ms. Right find OkCupid handy. This match maker app pairs up people based on a match percentage that people get after answering a couple of questions that touch views in life and love. Wait; are you not his soul mate already?


5. Grindr- This first of the genre hook up application caters to gay men. Grindr connects men looking for potential men matches in nearby areas. We honestly do not know why your boyfriend installed this in his phone. And we do not mean to sound so homophobic but something does not fit in your picture perfect relationship.

6. Creepy – Social media updates of a target are tracked by this app such that the user can pinpoint your location. How do you like the idea that your man is a virtual stalker? You might think that he is just being protective and that he wants to be updated on your whereabouts and that is somehow sweet. What if he is using this program to stalk other cute girls?

fox private message

7. Fox Private Message – It only takes a shake on the phone to delete all sexy conversations your boyfie had with another girl. So if you ever see him shaking his phone, you should know upfront that he is shaking his tracks off.

sms cleaner

8. SMS Cleaner Free – Deletion of unwanted conversation with other ladies is made easy by this app. Search and delete operations are using keyword from your SMS. Anyone can have this feature without paying for anything but upgrading to the premium version lets someone run the commands without even launching the app.

dead tone

9. Dead Tone – Just because you do not see his phone register a girl caller does not mean he is clean. Look for an app called Dead Tone in his phone because the sole purpose of this program is to evade a caller. A false voice message will tell the caller that your man’s phone is out of reach, has been disconnected or some sort. A user can configure Dead Tone in such a way that he can select which numbers are blocked and what voice message to play.

nq mobile vault

10. NQ Mobile Vault – SMS messages, explicit media contents, call logs and other pieces of evidence can be encrypted and hidden using this feature. You will really have a hard time catching him red handed because this installation can be activated as Stealth Mode such that the program is hidden and can only be accessible upon the input of a correct password.

breakup notifier

11. The Breakup Notifier – Imagine him prying into the private lives of other girls just because he can’t ask a girl straight if she is already seeing someone. Why would he use this feature? Simple. He wants to be updated on the cute girls who just recently broke up with someone. And the thing is that you two are still together so this could only mean that he sticks with you as he waits for a bigger and better catch.

nosy trap

12. Nosy Trap – Beware of this app because it takes photos of anybody who is trying to search through the user’s phone. Instead of finding proofs that he is chasing after skirts, he might turn the tables of you and you will end up being the offender of his privacy.

13. Grouper – Accessible via the mobile web, Grouper lets you set up two circles of friends. For instance, four boys and four girls want to hang out together on a group date. Grouper will help them setup a pre-arranged date on nearby hangout places. Even if you see him going out with new people, he can only just say that they are just chilling around. But if he has Grouper in his phone and you see him with other peers and they appear to be in pairs, it could only boil down to the fact that he is going out with a girl and he is using his friends to cover up his tracks.

date mate

14. DateMate – Management of multiple women is made easy by DateMate. Your guy can track down his progress on each lady he takes out. DateMate also saves personal information and create graphs that shows how things are playing out between him and a chick. Sexual encounters are also noted by this app so you better find out if he has this in his mobile device.

15. Superstud Blackbook – Guys who have this forbidden book are rewarded with the abilities to impress women. Superstud Blackbook will teach douchebag wannabes where to hang out, which gifts to give and what pickup lines to use. Wait a sec, are these also the book he used to sweep you off your feet?

16. Down Dating – Initially launched as Bang with Friends, this will help your man a lot in his attempts to look for another lover with no strings attached. Easy location of hookup partners within a circle of friends is the sweetest feature of Down Dating. Although this software connects people together (both literally and figuratively), this is no place for people looking for love. Regardless whether he invest emotion on some other chick or not, as long as he beds other woman, that is still cheating. Besides, friends with benefits status can go all the way up to the romantic variety.

google voice

17. Google Voice – Gone are the days of using personal number to text other girls. With Google Voice, one can easily come up with a new number so that a chick will not call him in the middle of the night. So you tell, technology is making everything very simple for anybody to do acts of deceit. And there is no price to pay for that because Google Voice can be availed for free.

hide it pro

18. Hide it Pro – Here comes another freeware that acts like a secret vault to hide all trivial contents in someone’s mobile device. It is hard to track down this program because it is not shown in the application list. Even if you run every program he had installed, you still cannot see anything suspicious because Hide it Pro works under the disguise of an audio manager.

plenty of fish

19. Plenty of Fish – There is more to Plenty of Fish than meets your eye. The name of the app does not raise any red flag easily because it sounds like a game; only that it is a game of love your boyfriend wants to play with other girls. He might be using this app to lure a chick into dating him or simply get a hookup at the nearest bar.

how about we

20. HowAboutWe – Is the flame of your romance burning out already? HowAboutWe is a dating app that sets up people based on their proposed dating ideas. Perhaps he is trying to have the perfect date only this time, not with you.

Do you find any of these apps in his smartphone? What are you going to do now? Make no bones of whatever the situation is. Just because you do not want to lose him over silly things like these does not mean that you would just shut your eyes from the reality that he is chasing after skirts or doing something bizarre. And despite finding evidences that he is guilty of abusing the powers of technology, always try to engage in a friendly confrontation and man up for your guy who does not seem to be doing things right.

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