Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Use Baby Monitor To Catch Cheating Spouse

Have you ever noticed your spouse reverse transcending from a sweet lover to an always busy and cold one? Does he stay up late on the phone or on the computer and wait until you fall asleep?  Do you suspect his cheating? We do not intend to pry into your private lives but we believe that you deserve a peace of mind so here is a do-it-yourself guide on how to convert an old device into a spy machine.

The Classic Baby Monitor – This device practically becomes useless when the kids are all aged up but if there is still a baby in the house, your spouse will never suspect that you are using it to catch him red handed.

Nevertheless, instead of letting it collect dusts, why not turn it into a eavesdropping device? Here is what you should do:

  1. Get a baby monitor and spray paint it such that it will camouflage from where you plan to position it. Be careful not to spray on the microphone.
  2. Hide the baby monitor in a room where he could possibly take a private call so that you can record his movements, facial expressions and what not (depends on the functions of the monitor you purchased).
  3.  Secure its transmitter/ portable radio in a hidden spot where you could safely listen. Make sure         to  plaster up the LED lights of the transmitter so that it will always remain invisible.
  4. Test the monitor and play its portable radio on a low volume so that he will not notice your espionage.
  5.  Turn on the receiver. Your spouse’s secret conversations can also be recorded. Hear everything you have to know before you react.

In case you don't what is is baby monitor looks like watch the video:

There is always an alternative to the indispensable baby monitor. Everybody faces the impacts of economic recession so we give you a second option to the baby monitor. What better way to use an old iPhone or iPad than to transform it into a surveillance device?

The steps are simple.

1. Download an application that functions like the baby monitor itself. Install it into the baby station. Purchasing the app is a lot cheaper than buying a monitor.

2. Setup the software to its parent station (the second device) by keying in the pairing code.

3. Perfectly conceal the baby station device in a room where he does his dirty works.

4. Hack into the parenting station. Press the video button if you want to see what he is doing. You can also adjust the brightness and volume levels to your full advantage.

While these fool proof methods can save a lot of time and resources, keep in mind that you use them at your own risks. Any form of wiretapping or voice recording cannot be accepted in the court of law, in case you want to use the recordings against him. And behold, the tables might be turned and you will sit on the defense accused of breaching through someone’s privacy. Your only stand point here is that you want some clarity and you are not up to leaking his scandals over the internet. This makes you morally right then.

I hope this information can help you find the truth if your spouse is really cheating.  It is hard to sleep when something is bugging on your mind much more the idea of divorce is upon your family.

You're going through pain right now but don't lose hope.


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