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Busting a Cheater by Tracking Credit Card Transactions

busting a cheater by tracking credit card activity

While red flag raising can be based on someone’s behavior, cyber activity and emotional predisposition, a cheater can always make his actions unpredictable to prevent arousing suspicions. However, one should also remember that criminals and cheaters leave off tracks one way or another.

Days of investigation proved futile and you have reached a dead end but still you could not find anything to prove his infidelities. Of all things you should snoop around into, perhaps his credit card activity had slipped off your mind. It is about to play the detective and find your way to the truth with a little help from his credit card.

Some information in the credit card are confidential and will not be divulged by the company unless you have a warrant from an attorney or from a police officer. If you have a joint account, this job will be pretty easy for you; but if you have nothing but gut feelings that you are being cheated on by the love of your life, scavenge on his trash bins, wallets, purses, pockets and organizers for transaction receipts.

Whichever option you have, look for the following:

• Receipts of items such as stuff toys, clothes, expensive perfumes, chocolates, flowers, lingerie, jewelries and other gifts you have never received

• Bills on your credit card itemizing stuff you never received

• Tabs from bars, restaurants and other possible dating places indicating a table set for two

• Purchases from shops and places unknown to you

• Night and day reservations at hotels

• Purchases from unusual places like those you are unlikely to visit together like ethnic and exotic cuisines, motels, brothel and pubs

• Frequent ATM withdrawals

• out of town (those you do not visit) ATM transactions

• Your mate’s insistence to pay credit card bills

• Buying extra cellphones, laptops and other gadgets without your knowledge and approval

• Reservations and purchases that deviate from his normal trip (eg. work or out of town with friends) such as hotel reservation, spa treatment, meals and drinks for two, a box of chocolate, extra condoms or contraceptives

• Fluctuations in the total amount of debit and credit (like he is paying off his debts little by little but also use the card when he is short of funds)

• Higher than his usual gas expenses at gasoline stations that accept credit cards

• He has more cash on hand but the credit increases

• Membership monthly payments at dating websites

• Presence of unspecified charges

• Vaguely named business establishments (this may suggest that the ‘hidden’ business is an escort agency or some sort)

• He opens new P.O. box without your consent

• Active participation and online transaction with live chat servers

• He intersects bank notices to prevent you from seeing the credit lines

• New phone number appear on the bills

• Sudden switch to online bank statements from the conventional mailed ones

• Income tax return reflect travel or business expenditure deductions you are totally unaware of

• He prevents you from accessing the accounts

• Unexplained receipts in his wallet, office desk, pocket and car compartment

• He opens new checking account

• Withdrawals from the new check account

• being secretive about his bills

• Time and duration of calls shown on the phone bills are excessive

• He starts to pay the phone bills and other bank transactions

You have the right to know why there are some discrepancies going in your card activity especially if he is using your joint account. Decide for yourself what you will do if you prove that he is looting money from your savings. We do advise that you try the most non-violent ways possible when you confront him.

If things are already beyond control, it will be wiser to seek the advice of an authority in matters related to marriage or and finances. Feel free to share this article to educate other people who thinks that their spouse is cheating on them.

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